Design at the intersection of beauty, resilience and sustainability.

WWA is a full service architecture firm based in the Hudson Valley that specializes in sustainable new construction and renovation projects.

We believe in:

Climate + environmental responsibility

The fragile state of our environment is at the forefront of our decisionmaking process. Because the construction industry is a significant contributor to climate change, it is essential that both renovated and new buildings minimize their negative environmental impacts while still generously fulfilling the needs of its users. This can be achieved through many avenues – mindful building siting, shape and orientation, right sized, efficient spatial design, careful and informed selection of materials, use of high performance construction techniques and intelligent, efficient building systems, incorporation of renewable energy sources and a general focus on resource efficiency.

We work towards reducing operational and embodied energy usage to maximize each project’s potential for climate responsibility.

Aesthetic simplicity + practical construction

We strive for a clarity of design vision in which the architecture is parsed down to essentials in order to create beautiful and calm spaces that embody the best qualities of minimal design while maintaining human scale and warmth. We believe that ‘authenticity’ is not reserved just for historic buildings; it is critical that modern buildings also feel timeless and naturally of the place in which they are created. Aesthetic goals and the practicalities of construction are often at odds in the creation of ambitious architecture; we try to keep them in balance.

We believe in a design approach and careful detailing that results in solid and reliable construction while still achieving the more ephemeral qualities of beauty and timelessness.

Inhabitant health + happiness

We understand that architecture exists primarily to be in the service of people who inhabit it. To this end, we design beautiful, healthy, well-planned spaces that foster comfort and that inspire. By using tactile, natural materials that minimize exposure to chemicals and specifying air tight construction techniques and mechanical systems that efficiently control air quality, temperature and humidity, users benefit from thermal comfort and constancy in all seasons. Our designs prioritize access to natural daylight and fresh air and encourage a close connection between interiors and the surrounding landscape or streetscape.

Our architecture allows inhabitants to work and live to their fullest potential.



Right sized buildings. Sensitive siting. Elegant and minimal aesthetics. Warm, natural materials. Ecological responsibility. These can all be achieved by building from scratch, which provides the unique opportunity to custom tailor solutions and create responsive, intelligent and beautiful places that exactly suit a clients wants and needs.

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An existing building that is rejuvenated is often times the most sustainable architectural approach. With the right planning and design, older structures can be reinvented to create more appropriate and efficient spatial relationships and circulation with upgraded performance that limit negative climate impacts, increase durability of the building and provide more comfort for the occupants.

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WWA provides soup to nuts architectural planning and design services. This includes advice on site selection or the renovation potential of an existing building, programming to help clients determine the appropriate scope for each project, exploration of initial concepts to final design work, facilitation of costing throughout the process, production of clear, complete construction documents, procurement of zoning and building permit approvals, and, finally, working collaboratively with the builder and trades to ensure that the design is built as intended in terms of aesthetics, sustainability and durability; and always with a high level of craft. We also assist with the selection of all appropriate consultants (structural and mechanical engineers, sustainability consultants, etc.) and coordinate their work throughout the project.

We are committed to providing an exceptional level of service to our clients and pride ourselves on skillfully leading them through the complexities of getting a project built. To this end, WWA has developed a well-defined design methodology that clearly outlines the ins and outs of each phase of work. A common challenge of many building projects is maintaining an alignment between a project’s cost and a client’s expectations. By prioritizing communication and understanding throughout the process, we give our clients the ability to make informed decisions that result in a project that best fits their wants, needs and budget. We are highly attentive to our clients’ goals and aspirations; by allowing the design to evolve through continuous analysis and open dialogue with all key players we can create the most responsive and fitting final project.


Wendy Wisbrun founded WWA after 20 years of architectural design work and project management with award winning architecture firms in New York City and Toronto. She has a wide breadth of experience ranging from complex adaptive reuse and renovation projects for institutional and residential clients to new single family homes in both urban infill and rural settings. Her understated, elegant design sensibility, paired with a deep respect for the environment result in responsible, beautiful architecture that is carefully tailored to each client’s needs. Wendy has always loved the technical aspects of architecture and takes a building science-first approach to ensure the long-term durability of a project’s construction. She is known for her careful attention to detail and highly collaborative style which supports a successful design and construction process. Wendy established her firm in the Hudson River Valley, so she could live and work amid the exceptional beauty of its mountains, farmland and historic towns.

Wendy received her Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Texas at Austin, with a minor in Architectural History. She has been a Registered Architect in New York State since 2003 and is a LEED Accredited Professional. She continually strives to enhance her knowledge of ecologically responsible design through engagement and additional certification with many sustainably focused organizations including the Passive House Institute US, the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association, Embodied Carbon Network and the International Living Future Institute.


Wendy Wisbrun Architect, AIA, LEED AP

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