/ 3,200 square feet including walk-out basement / construction 2020 /

The oldest house in town, situated on a one acre lot, serves as a serene getaway for its owners. The beautiful Greek revival home will be reinvigorated with a renovation to create various improvements of its interior spaces, better connection to the surrounding gardens from inside the house, upgraded mechanicals, new windows and overall refurbishment of the historic features that make it a beautiful example of the architecture of its day. An abandoned room with an oversized fireplace in the walk-out basement will be reinvented as a family room with direct access to the outdoors.

Exterior woodwork will be cleaned up and repaired, existing windows will be stripped and refitted, new exterior storm windows will be built that respect the historic detailing of the house. A side porch that was previously removed will be reintroduced; french doors will connect it to the new, modern kitchen for true indoor / outdoor living. Mechanical systems will be upgraded, windows and doors will be better air sealed, storm windows will be added, and insulation will be blown into to the attic to improve the energy efficiency of the house. Interior floors and woodwork will be refurbished. A village gem will be restored will providing a modern, comfortable retreat for its owners.

/ Main Street Greek Revival / Historic exteriors will be refurbished /

/ Main Street Greek Revival / Exterior porch added to connect interior with landscape /

/ Main Street Greek Revival / Exterior woodwork will be refurbished /

/ Main Street Greek Revival / Energy efficiency upgrades will include new storm windows /

/ Main Street Greek Revival / Renovated interior spaces will include new modern details /

/ Main Street Greek Revival / History of place will be respected /

/ Main Street Greek Revival / Village gem will be a comfortable retreat /